Keen About Meaning

It wasn’t my intention to write such a ‘long song’. Always having the instinct to keep a poem the length of an A4, the original intention was to write 2 separate poems. Then I realized that the two poems were saying the same thing.        


        Keen About The Meaning

We should be keen about the meaning!

(Isn’t that a darling rhyme?)

What, you ask, what meaning what?

It’s life of course!

A meaning that defines its course, it’s force, its progress.

Life’s life you may say. It may be,

Yet as far as life’s intent,

We tend to minimize its main objective.

Not survival – something more: a true ascent.

Some go by it. Some deny it.

We should chase it because life’s a race

Against an absolute and unrelenting, limited ol’ spell

Worth probing not just for surviving or for breathing well.

There are yummy things worth aiming at:

This game we play, take part in

And would like to win

Contains as trophies: peace of mind and understanding,

Satisfaction and wellbeing.

One more gain: freedom from fear –

Taking in fate’s whimsies with a cheerful air.

(Dalai Lama seems to do it. Others too. You’ve seen it, know it).


Why demean this most significant of questions

When the question in itself

Opens the highway to




Everyday I read poetic utterances:

Poetry of loves lost, never felt, hungered after,

Longed for laughter,

Sorrow at the world’s condition,

Unexpressed scorn and submission.

Everything one undergoes

And everyone one comes across;

Cynicism, doubt, distrust,

Mistrust, injustice, disenchantment.


Yet, I’m always here to say:

It’s true and happening BUT, circumstance,

Each energy’s phenomenon

Contains its equal counterpart;

The negative that has a heart:

A parallel but better.

Life has meaning and intention to the letter.


Keen About The Meaning 4.28.2018

Circling Round Reality; Arlene Corwin



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