Trying To Find The Self

Can’t stop thinking, can’t stop writing. A good sign, I would think. Everything inspires. (It’s called creativity)🎤😍
     Trying To Find The Self
Some ostentatious,
Clothes the latest,
Taking loans to buy new cars:
Each not knowing who they are,
Mistaking things that only pass
For permanence.
From beard to pelf
We all are searching for the self.
We are ALL searching for the self.
It may seem weird,
These fads revered –
Songs and clothes and online stars
(they used to be called movie stars)
All in search of who they are.
Me, you – no matter what we do
The inner drive to find what’s true
Not dominant or manifest,
Ongoing in your dreams’ unrest;
Something deepest, more than gesture,
Something we were born to find:
Connecting with the self and Mind.
Here’s a hint: continue
Doing what you do
Until you fulfill evolution
And its meaning.
(Some would say it has no meaning,
evolution a careening).
But I say it has a course,
Ending with an inner peace,
Reflection seeing all’s connection.
All thoughts nice,
One could call it paradise.
Choices easy, conflict free,
Easier and breezier,
More satisfied,
Taking all within your stride;
A simpler ride
Finding self both tried and true:
Trying To Find The Self 6.17.2018 revelations Big & Small; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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