July Gone By…Focus August

  July Gone By…Focus August

July gone by, the focus August,

Time in cycles,

Every end a new succession –

This into eternity.

Before we focus on a doomsday,

As so any do,

Find out who you are,

                                 -out, -in,

Omitting past and future,

They but sutures stitching your existence

To a present and a presence

That is younow or a nowyou.


Things end, come out of that;

Forms form out of their essence.

There is no apocalypse so-called, 

To end it all.

Just start, stop, start;

A dwindling or a violence.


The day was yesterday,

July gone by.

Today the focus August.

(Simple metaphor for time

Because it is a cute and simple rhyme)

But you know what I am


Playing with existence.

July Gone by…Focus August 8.1.2018 Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin 

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