Jazz Wax Through Song & Sax

     Jazz Wax Through Song & Sax

Excellent in informing us,

Calling to us, telling us,

Myers inspires

And delights.

We, of climes and times,

Of crooked trumpets,

Flat-ed ninths, the plinths

On which we stand

To understand;

Eleven years,

Woven, carved

From records past,

Those forgotten, those that lasted.

Mr Myers, 

You ‘clever dick’, idea-quick,

With urbane yet accessible

Analyses hypnotic.

Culling from the best,

Yet covering, embracing all the minor rest.

This cool, devoted reader

Wishes you the daily leader

In each paper are part of.

Happy year number eleven!

May you liven up the jazz world

Driven by your gifted eyes, hands, ears, 

For many, many, MANY years!

Jazz Wax Through Song & Sax 8.9.2018 Vaguely About Music II;  Arlene Nover Corwin

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