No Bees For The Trees

One of these sudden thoughts. 🤔✍️
No Bees For The Trees🐝
There’ve been no bees to please the apple trees.
And so we’ve no apple
To cull from their leaves.
Not one single apple
To mull winter’s wine.
It’s awful that no helpful insect can dine
Or is drawn to a bough and the branch
That grows by the tree’s bench
Encircling the tree,
Endowing the bee
With no reason for honey;
Nothing to pollinate,
No source of syrup –
Whatever the process in buttercup nature.
Trees please, please the bees!
Send an agreeable breeze to enhance what they need,
Giving us insight to nourish the hive
So they thrive in their swarm
Warm with harmless intention.
This, just to mention the plea of the season.
No Bees For The Trees 8.23.2018 Circling Round Nature II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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