Disappointment Versus Acceptance

Deeply philosophical and pragmatic at the same time.🤔✍️
Disappointment Versus Acceptance
I write this for a lot of folk.
It’s not a joke – this problem of existing.
The outward shrinking, Rip Van Winkling,
While the inward may be soaring.
The cultural corrupting
While the natural Is daily seen
To be a leaning towards
A massive change – the whole deranged.
‘Deranged’ a word I’ve seldom used –
So, as the queen might say in times of chaos
“We are absolutely not amused”.
Dastardly and pusillanimous:
It’s you and me and all of us,
I look up disappointment, not quite sure it’s what I mean to say,
I find, “disgruntled & disheartened, disillusioned & dismayed”
In the language ordinaire, you could say “sad!”
Now what to do about those dis-ses?
Acquiesce in some nice way?
“Some nice way” means to not suffer,
For the buffer is acceptance!
Disappointment is the antonym
Of simple giving in –
If only for the time appointed in the moment.
Disappointed Vs Acceptance 8.22.2018 Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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