All the Best Mystics

And now for something on an entirely different level:🧘‍♀️
               All The Best Mystics
All the best mystics know:
To go
For help,
You lean on It.
(To call it God
Leaves out my friends and kin
Whose sadness and depression
I’d so gladly stock
With stacks of words,
Providing a vocabulary
For the secular.)
Mysticism: the belief
That knowledge of the Ultimate
Is realized through the intuition.
The mystic is a person
Who’s experienced a union –
A direct communion with the It
Which comes through contemplation
Or continued observation.
The very best of mystics
Throw themselves, the day, the minute
Onto It,
Themselves the channel.
They discover through repeating.
Soulful scientists experimenting.
Mystics throw their troubles to the winds,
Think ecstasies a whim,
Thank It or God,
Where all becomes all-good.
All the Best Mystics 12.7.2009 Circling Round Reality; Definitely Didactic; God Book Ii; To The Child Mystic; Arlene Nover Corwin (refreshed 8.27.2018)

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