Nazis On The Streets Of Sweden #1&2

Because I received so many  encouraging comments on the 1st version written in 2017, I was moved to write a second the elections coming so soon.   Just the morning, after a good breakfast…. A pardon, please, the top poem refuses to increase in size,  Use a magnifying glass if  needed.
(Addendum 8.27.2018) Nazis On The Streets Of Sweden (see 9. 30, 2017 below)
Here it is: the 2nd version
Added to with much aversion.
On Sept 9 there comes a new Premier.
Candidates, vows, oaths alike, 
They still won’t strike at Sweden’s Nazis.
Lots of talk, but not one law
To put a stop to this ignor-ance
Of  fair play and what it stands for.
Violent, angry, sleazy, murky,
The intolerance  abhorrent,
Not to speak of  aberrant.
This awful, lawful party may continue
To start riots, break up meetings, 
Bring their greetings in the form of shoving.
Where is common sense and loving?  
Where can all this non-sense lead 
With dark Nazis on streets of Sweden!
Nazis On The Streets Of Sweden 8.27.2018 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin
Nazis On The Streets Of Sweden (1st version 9.30.2017)
We have illusions, all.
But most of us don’t want to kill.
I looked it up. 
I asked some simple questions.
Google told me, Nazi symbols are allowed:
In Israel! The USA!
Prohibited in Germany, allowed in Finland.
Austria is definite.  No, no, no, no – and no!
Some countries have no laws at all –
Apparently no views,
Or views so lax
They seem to non-chalate* the facts.
Neo- Nazis plan to march
The streets of Sweden,
Thirtieth September, twenty-seventeen.
They call themselves a neo – 
Their philosophy is old as Hitler,
Old as Wagner, long before.
False ideals, inner lies but outer dealings
Hates delusional, baiting plentiful.
March occurring on Yom Kippur,
Near a synagogue, to boot.
Their aim: to root out, root out, root…
Annihilate, decimate, eradicate,
Means inhumane,
And most important, 
Based on lies!  
Statistical, imaginary, fantasized.    
Nazis on the streets of Sweden,
We do not believe in you!
*non-chalate: I’ve made a verb out of the word nonchalant
because such was needed and could not be found in the dictionary.
Nazis On The Streets Of Sweden 9.30.2017 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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