Conceived In Paris Opus #1

The title was a phrase I was attracted to and thought to write a song to.  My poetic self took over and ‘conceived in Paris’ became this instead. A poem dedicated to the person who first used the phrase, Marc Myers, creator of the site Jazz Wax, who was conceived in Paris but born in New York.

          Conceived in Paris (opus #1)

They stayed till sunset

To conceive a babe loved most

In world’s host town of love and taste.

Wines divine, fresh croissants warm

Arrondissement, baguettes and cheeses:

Everything to please soul’s sense

From whence came l’infant from a pleasured,

Treasured whim. 

A l’enfant him.

Conceived in Paris; gar-son gift

Whose birth would lift one day

The ones that play, the ones that hear;

The tone-deaf those, those with an ear.


One tries in vain to do it justice –

Love’s boy-child conceived in Paris;

Write a song – but in all fairness

Poet this could generate 

At best – a babble bauble he might hate.

A middling stream of consciousness

More out of fun than pensiveness –

(but pensive in its way). 

We’ll try one song inspired  day.

Conceived In Paris opus #1 9.1.2018 Special People, Special Occasions; Arlene Nover Corwin


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