Have I Come Too Late?

On our minds more each day:
          Have I Come Too Late?🤔✍️
Not blaming anyone but me, myself.
Not laying cross to bear
On politician, household or
The can of beans upon the shelf.
Have I come too late to save a world
Going towards undoing’s fall?
Played my role,
Done my bit
To lift the planet from the shit
Of global warming, bees not swarming,
Arctic melting, drought and sweltering,
Poor, starving folk?
I have a sneaky feeling
That I’ve definitely not.
And so i write.
Have I given service to the sick,
Licked my plate,
Changed my habits
From the use of plastics
To un-oil based commodities,
The daily products that I use?
Do I please my ego much too much,
Scratch the itch with luxuries?
Really, have I come to late?
And so I write,
Wishing I had done more things that further.
Feather light my good intentions,
Forced to mention
Faults unchecked or unsuspected,
Unachieved or carried out;
Am I just a simple lout
Living out the life of Riley?*
Smiley, wily, easily
Deceived, naive?
Have I come too late to save
One single fire from igniting?
I shall simply keep on writing
Till I make some wrongs a-right,
Reminded in each uttered voice,
Each spluttered e’en imported voice,
It’s worth the effort of a noise
To change the reeking rot to rose,
The world worthwhile the daily choice
To save it.
*the life of Riley: a luxurious or carefree existence
Have I Come Too Late? 9.9.2018 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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