After my poem “Ageing” I received the following comment.  One on which I hadn’t reckoned.  It inspired this answer and a new poem:

“Well, it is so true and depressing. I was reading this hoping that you wrote something positive at the end, bot not…I would really like you to conclude the poem with a POSITIVE end.  It’s my desperate request as I need it.” T.

Dearest T—-

     The positive in it is this: If you soak yourself in every moment (which requires constant trying – for trying is training – focussing on every breath, every deed, your whole existence changes.  The point is to become ‘perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect’ while you’re still alive.  Then there comes an automatic joy and insight In other words, the whole chemistry changes.  Ageing doesn’t change, but you do!  And for the better.  

     We must talk about this!  But I’ll continue to send you my poetry for most is filled with hope and optimism.  Even fun and funny.

Soak Yourself In Every Moment Or, Trying Is Training

Keep cool inside yourself.  

Detachment is the key.

It’s not un-interest or indifference:

But an objectivity, Impartiality,

Ability to see

                    things as they really are;

Possibility in probability

And vice versa.

When you peel off the outer, see the inner,

The illusion of exclusion drops away,

Inclusion comes to stay

And you’re so much, shall we say, 

Gladder, gay.*

(There was a time when gay meant light and full of glee;

Free of care, carefree:

A surely helpful way to be).

Keep cool and be life’s fool: flexib’ool’, adaptab’ool’, 

Versatile and tool of circumstance.

Life can be a dance,

Full of significance,


And joyful. 

Soak yourself with honesty

In every little point in time – and see.

Life’s often fun – and funny.

Trying Is Training 9.12.2018 A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin


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