Full Of LIfe’s Meaning

           Full Of Life’s Meaning

Health and meaning,

Productivity and goodness,

Each without the other 

Pointless, empty, aimless.

Karma is as karma does,

Cause, effect, impact that follows

Following the karmic laws;

Chains of act and motivation:

Like a train into a station;

Moving on – you get my point.

Pointing in and at direction

New to view, ensue, continuing

Forever on.


For that reason goodness pays.

So does purity of heart.

These the simplest of start,

Richest at the end.

(and even in the middle,

though not looking like it then).


This, a facile little verse 

Written post a cup of java.

Oversimplified, naive,

Written down with caffeine fervor,

Nonetheless sincere endeavour

To get at a truth received;

The intellect experiential,  never swayed

By morning  coffee’s  coaxing way. 


And so it ends as it began:

Metaphysical, material and grand,

Taking effort to achieve,

You and I but motes 

And sometimes idiots

Living disquietly in worlds of floods

And wars and riots.  


Just remember, life that’s full of

Health and meaning, creativity and goodness.

Each without the other pointless, empty, aimless.

Life itself, its energy

Was meant to be


Full Of Life’s Meaning 9,17.2018 Nature Of & In Reality; Revelations Big & Small; God Book II; Arlene Nover Corwin 

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