Words, Wisdom, Art

A kind reader called me ‘wise’. Who knows if one is wise or not? One has insights now and again. Sometimes judicious and far-sighted. One is never sure. One simply looks around, reflects, selects, words based on one’s own propensities and character. One is happy if one’s ideas stir the pot of good feeling, constructive feelings – some things positive in any case, in another.🔍

Anyway, those words inspired these this morning:

Words, Wisdom, Art🤔✍️

The world is full of words.
Words help the mind to make connections.
The connections cause reflections
Shining back to help the mind.

The world is full of rhythms.
Things go clang, bang, boom, boom, boom,
And suddenly the word’s a drum.
You put the word and drum together –
Out comes humming, drumming verse;
Prose, a song, God knows what more…
The mind so full, the store
Of mental imaging eye-deas have use.
Put together, out comes art, the spark of deity
In all the global race.

Words, Wisdom, Art 9.18.2018 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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