Finding Out About Yourself

Finding Out About Yourself

Who am I? 

Who are you?

It will be asked till time is through.

In fact, it may be

Life’s key issue we pursue;

Extro- intro-, odd man out;

A coverall for all the doubt.


Who are you, you the total real?

Finding out will skål the soul,

Give skill to soul,,

Transform the budding soul/you whole,

Give vision of capacities you’ d no idea,

Where life’s no more apologia. 


It’s a game of Treasure Chest, 

One where you must persevere:.

And in the end you are the measure of the treasure

And your best.


How, you ask, can little me be all in one:

Human, angel, paragon?  

In a nutshell, a nice person!

Remember too, it’s only ever you

Who knows exactly who you are,

All others are interpreters, projecters

Of who they are. 


From who you are at any moment.


While you are there observing, 

Being altered and improved

Finding out about yourself, you cannot waiver.

It’s a trip demanding courage

Into superannuated age,

Its pointers in the right direction never over.

Skål – Swedish: drink (to) the health of, drink to, salute, honour; archaic pledge.

Finding Out About Yourself 9.20.2018 Nature Of & In Reality; Revelations Big & Small; 

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