If Jesus Had Spoken In The Language Of Today

This is an interesting one.🤔✍️📢
If Jesus Had Spoken In The Jargon Of Today
If Jesus had spoken in the jargon of today.
The men who wrote the Bible might have said it this way:
“Synapse, structures that make up the motion,
Composition, are but transposition
Of all energy, its origin
Of just about the Everything”
So, now when you read…”You and I…made in His image’,
GIve Him homage,
It probably is true.
If Jesus walked around today,
He might not have communicated,
“God’s dominion is within”: Instead
He might have put it,
“If you focus on what’s going on inside your head
And other parts, the breath, for instance,
Sensing, sending mental samples out to space,
Slowing down the mental pace
And doing it with well meant practice,
You’d soon be amazed, perhaps fall down in praise,
For gains like this:
Unsought coincidences, sense of order,
Mind a newly found decoder
Giving in to fate’s decisions –
Things outside your influence;
Collisions, and collusions, corrosions and conclusions,
Explosions and erosions, provisions and derisions…
Mind no longer minds
And you’re no longer in a bind.”
Modern language is revealing and appealing,
Only asking you to think,
As you stand sponging at the sink
Or having sex with your old ex…
If Jesus have survived this day,
He would have liked to say the deepest things
This way,
I’m pretty sure.
If Jesus Had Spoken In The Jargon Of Today 9.21.2018 Circling Round Reality; Revelations Big & Small; God Book II; To The Child Mystic II;

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