Tampering With

I woke this morning with this word somewhere in my brain. Looked it up and my brain did the rest.

“she saw youths tampering with her neighbour’s car: interfere, monkey around, meddle, tinker, fiddle (about/around), fool about/around, play about/around, toy, trifle, dabble; do mischief to, doctor, alter, change, adjust, damage, do damage toLeading nowhere useful in particular.
harm, deface, vandalise, ruin; informal mess about/around; British informal muck about/around.”

Tampering With✍️🤔

Is it in our Western thought
To tamper with so much we ought
To leave alone, stop interfering with, let be?
Is all this wondrous and progressively intensified technology
A hidden traitor in disguise?

Of course it’s all a pro- and con-,
A double sided coin,
An equal power neg- and pos-.

A little bit of common sense
(sometimes called intelligence)
Should help make us aware
That what we have there
In our bodies (for example) is just perfect as it is,
And vanity that rules leads nowhere in particular:
Not beneficial, helpful
And beyond a doubt unfruitful.

When we tamper we do damage.
What we think we fix we hamper.
To sustain the world, maintain the self
Is not as clear as it may seem.
Deemed right at start, it
Fades when fate takes over.
In the scheme of things t’was dream.

So it’s often best
To let it rest
And wait in practiced readiness
For signs that say yes, yes and yes.
(The waiting for the best).

Tampering With 9.25.2018 Circling Round Reality; Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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