The Illumined Poet

     The Illumined Poet

Who is he? 

Does he exist?

Is he consistent?

What does he see that others don’t?

Does he know what others don’t?

Is he he, or can he also be a she?

In these days you have to ask,

For it is ‘in’ to be defender

Of the genders one and all.


Poets stand, some sit in chairs;

While sitting up in bed some stare

Into an inner or an outer space

While letting, waiting, waiting, letting

Ideas come with no thought as to future comings,

Future poem-ings,


Afterwards he/she is empty.

Emptied of all relevance 

To theme that took poetic stance,

Metered dance, 

Seemed to be an endless well.


A well, it wells up from below.

What does it do?

Flows upward, outward, 

Shooting, spewing, spurting, spouting, 

Summer-springs that sprout

Ideas, conceptions, thought.


No one knows where all this comes from;

Poet-sage without intention, 

Living on without ambition,

Driven by no aspiration,

Only the illumination 

Bringing into birth a poem

That some

Will grasp, appreciate,

Others miss or misinterpret:

Know it! 

This rare member of the planet: 

The illuminated poet!

The Illumined Poet 9.28.2018 Revelations Big & Small; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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