Eccentricity Isn’t Craziness, It’s Daring

              Eccentricity Isn’t Craziness, It’s Daring

Eccentricity isn ‘t craziness, it’s daring 

To the -enth degree:

A caring not what they decree,

Not caring what they think of me.

The unconventional disarming,

Often charming – 

What is normal?

Living life like all the rest, 

I guess accepting colorlessness.


Planets are eccentric

And the sun’s just doing fine.

It shines on planetary quirks,              

Sustains the quirk so that it works.  


We too can be a sun;

No planet going round,

No moon, but one 

Unusual, bright son-of-a gun                             

Who does his ‘thing’ because it is 

The only thing that makes things run,

The only thing that makes life fun

The misfit may not be a genius,

May be middling or bizarre.

Having said that, I give honor

To the one who does his thing

Since he sees through

The illusion, the delusion, the chimère .             

Eccentricity Isn’t Craziness…9.3.2015 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; revised/ 9.30.2018 Arlene Nover Corwin

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