Found On Scraps

                              Found On Scraps

Found this on a piece of lined paper written in pencil, dated June 6, 2003.  It is now October 2, 2018

You can be alone and not know your aloneness.

You can be alone, not knowing what aloneness means.

When that state exists, it’s wandering. 


(I wonder what I meant by that?  A good word though: wandering)


We are alone.

A mono-tone inside ourselves

From day one to day’s numbered last:

A you-ly true and truly you.

The few who know this are not lonely.

Call it peace, joy, blessedness.


The difference between action and activity:

Action: what you take to move.

Activity: the hubbub of our restless groove. 

Both seed, indeed.

Both good and bad.


You are yourself. 

You cannot always ‘get there’ –

’There’ a place made out of grace.

When you miss it (as in ‘feel the need for’)

Know that you are somewhere near.

When missing’s missing

You’re awake but you are not aware.


On the move, the syntax of your life is mixed,

Not knowing your aloneness,


On the toilet, in the shower,

Every second, every hour.

Born and dying is a solo act,

A truly you.

But don’t be blue.

It is not loneliness or friendlessness,

But just a simple fact of nature

To be used as you mature

To give fulfilment of the innate dream

That is life’s inborn aim.

Found On Scraps 10.2.2018 Birth, Death & In Between III; Nature In & Of Reality; I Is Always You Is We; Arlene Nover Corwin

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