The Particles Of God

The Particles Of God🤔😇
The particles of god are falling on my head.
They’re falling on the living, probably upon the dead;
On believers, non-believers; equal particles they fall –
They’re always falling on and in and through the body wall.
God is particles of oneness. There are parallels galore.
When the atom showed its kernel and revealed that there was
More to meet the eye, a kind of onion-layered door
Was opened there inside the mind as just the metaphor
For simpletons like me. God energy,
With big or little G;
Living, knowing particles that have no personality
But which, if I’d clean up my act
Would mystically reveal the fact
That they, the particles and I, have one identity.
I’m trying to arrange and rearrange my head instead,
Make it more receptive than a means for daily bread –
A conscious sponge, a large receptor,
Image-making faculty a particle collector.
But each impulse must be pure, for
We get into the areas of justice and reward,
And particles with qualities inherent in our race:
The areas of mercy, all the virtues, love and grace.
I’d rather not involve them just assume that they exist.
It’s the God without the person that this poem has gently kissed:
Ever-present particles that are the living ’s gist.
The Particles Of God 1994/ 10.4.2018 God Book II; Revelations Big & Small; Arlene Nover Corwin

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