The Stimulant

     The Stimulant

There is a plan.

Prevailing since the dawn of man;

A master plan that never pauses,

Working through unchanging laws

Consisting of effect and cause.


So knowing thus, 

I’ve pledged my whole – Including what I call my soul

To have a voice (despite no proof that we have choice)

And ‘spite my preconceived ideas;

To ‘giving in’ before I die

To changeless codes in changing life.


(if death means bye, bye-bye and bye – 

If not, then learning reasons why…

I’ve got to understand the rest, 

All that which serves this life as best;

Or life seems meaningless or mournful, 

And who thinks we’re born to mourn!


Every instinct longs for joy:

Contentedness and happiness

Insect to four-legged beast – man, not the least;

From ignoramus to the fool,

Pursuit of joy both goal and tool.


What works for me is godhead nearest

(who I sometimes label Daddy dearest).

Universes far from me

Yet deep inside, implicitly.


Thus, ‘fore I leave, ‘fore setting sail,

Believing in a force for good 

And something which controls it all –

And this, right in our neighbourhood,

I leave this paper meant for Man:

There is a master plan inherent

Meant for us and our enjoyment; 

Stimulant for saint and mortal:

Total life we have a right to.

The Stimulant 10.4.2018 God Book II; Circling Round Reality; Revelations Big & Small; Arlene Nover Corwin

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