Sometimes I Wake Up Thinking…

Sometimes I Wake Up Thinking…🤔✍️

Sometimes I wake up thinking,
“Day, what do you want for me?
What do you want from me?”
Are they my secret wishes showing?
Is it knowing that to get you give?
That nothing’s gotten without giving in and up and out?
Chronologically fixed
And pre-determined?

It is logical that when you dream
There’s more than ‘seeming’,
Something really happening
To demonstrate your longing(s)
Where alternatives are non-existent.

Thus, each day one ought to sense
Each road that’s meant,
Obeying from each day to day
With faith that it turns out ok,
Acceptance being key,
The dreaming, waking, longing all
A part of plans belonging solely
To a fate all yours and personal.
Not logical, but breathing’s only
Course of action.

Sometimes I Wake Up Thinking… 10.6.2018 Circling Round Reality; Nature In & Of Reality; I Is Always You Is We; Arlene Nover Corwin

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