Energy The Treasury

Energy The Treasury


If someone asked me what would be

The perfect present

I would answer in a wink without a think:

Energy! And probably

Add peace inside

So I can ride out rough spots;

Tragic phases when they come,

For come they do,

As surely as my name is you.


But this you have to know:

Tough times, though coming – go!

And something takes their place.


Just the same, old chummy peace

Craves energy’s release.

When zest goes into hibernation,

Taking toll on all relations,

I retreat, wait and relax,

Force a hope that it comes back,

Charge up my combat –back-ery,

(My battery) and shrine of latent energy:

It always comes.


I’ve written; chronicle, describe, name, yell;

Called on the perfect gift and goal,

A germ of wholeness:

Vitalizing energy.

Energy The Treasury 7.13.2016(revised 2.25.2017/revised/10.11.2018 Circling Round Energy II; Arlene Nover Corwin



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