Storm Michael: One More Symbolic Sign

Storm Michael: One More Symbolic Sign

Worsening fires,

More dire censures

From poor mother Nature;

Storm winds and torrents

Since last tempest Florence 

Hit North Carolinas;

Coastlines more flooded,

And still those who doubt it.

Like President Trump,

Dumping evidence,

Still in denial.

Shunning the evidence…

What about Pence?

The climate thing vile.


Yesterday’s hurricanes,

Quickening winds and the rains with no drains…

Roofs blown off, trees blown down;

All of it happening all over town,

And all of it shown on TV.


We are living in times without equal.

With sequel statistical  flooding next door.

Storms know no borders,

And people are urged to be hoarders –

For crises like this are but chains,

And the rains have no enemies.

(maybe the sun – but that’s only one,

And nature’s not done with us –

That is for sure.


I’d bet my Schwinn bike

That Michael is far 

From ‘taking a hike’

And happy to hear 

That there’s not been one like it

Since records appeared.


This entire ramble

Is merely a gamble: 

A figure of speech

For the breach in the wall

Of political wailings

And also their failings.

Storm Michael: One More Symbolic Sign 10.12.2018 Our Times, Our Culture II;Circling Round Nature II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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