Doing Justice To Poetry

Doing Justice To Poetry✍️🤔
As a poem and as a statement, poet hopes he does it justice.
Form, word, pulse the chrysalis,
He carries on regardless.
And it makes the effort effortless.
The theme is motor – or it should be.
Other motivation is pure vanity,
And everyone knows vanity is pointless,
Futile, on deepest level worthless.
There are meanings in a poem
That are streets ahead prose,
And those who know this
Have the answer to a secret
Only the selected knows.
There’s fun in being humorous,
Ridiculous, nonsensical
Where beauty takes a back seat.
Where the spirit meets the comical,
Profundity meets trivia. The trivial
Is rival to most everything.
Is there an aim within the writer?
This one thinks not.
It is certainly not fame,
It may be name
But not for stardom’s sake.
The poet often dies obscure,
Yet there’s no cure for putting down
On paper, (these days in computer)
Images that most come out,
Be it speculation, supposition,
Love, hope, disappointment, doubt –
The list goes on…
It is the poem that gives it stature.
The adventure and the venture
Into worlds deep in the mind;
The justice in the metrical, the rhythmical,
The thinking through the rhymed
As in this moment.
Doing Justice To Poetry 10.13.2018 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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