Once More I Watch

          Once More I Watch

Once more I watch TV’s voodoo;

Local politics, the global too.

All so limited and self-directed,

Motivated by short-sighted

Vested self-interested interests.


I predict that nature will 

Take over, leaving all

Those interests in the dust.

Nature will insist

That we desist,

Apportion power,

Share the food, BECOME the grower, 

Raking in the profit on the lowest rung,

Survival being last song sung.


Yin and yang can never cease,

The negative is on the increase.

It’s all a happening, a phase,

An episode in time

Which we cannot erase.


So there it stands

And there we stand,

A wispy strand, a filament

And not the centre of all things.


The rings of time demand

That local silliness in politics

Cease and desist.  The local ticks

That irritate, cause endless unsolved

Situations neutralize. 

Before it’s all about our small demise

And nothing else.

Once More I Watch 10.14.2018 Our Times, Our Culture II; Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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