The Love Of Money

               The Love Of Money💰🎡

It ain’t the money, cash, the dough,

The ‘bread, the loot, the moolah’: wealth:

It is the love that is so

Dangerous to soul and self;

The pelf* just paper.


Not the need, but greed disguised

That fools the wise;

The craving, not the saving

That creates indifference,

Binds to blindness 

Of what all the senses see:

Greed is inferiority:

Mark of one’s mediocrity.


The intellect knows “It’s only money!”

Yet one gets addicted to the honey

Of its power, 

Voted the man of the hour’.


It’s love of money sours health.

To hell with wealth!

The simple is, by far the best,

Arrests the pest*.

Money’s benefits can’t buy it.

Try it!

It’s a discipline

That wins –

Love of money is the sin;

Love’ that cannot ever win, 

Will never win.


Let you, me, us begin

To lose this affectation 

Bowing, cowing down to Mammon.

Starting now.

*pelf; money

*pest; plague

The Love Of Money 10.18.2018 Nature In & Of Reality; Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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