I Am Here…Now

I Am Here…Now⏰⏳📡

I am here… now

Just as I have always been.

Deep, deep inside myself,

Thinking what I’m thinking twenty hours a day –

(Not truly ‘think’ but ‘feel/think’)

Sinking into some deep elf

That helps define the daft Arlene

Who’s light and droll and mystifying…


I’ve no hope nor wish,

No memory – just this:

Body, mind and soul a unit.

Writing me, uniting me with That,

A combination of it all,

Not large, not small,

Just a and the, and and, and it

And what I’ve almost got a bit of

In my knowledge bank

To thank.


Do you know what I am speaking of,

Talking ‘bout, telling, saying? 

Do you think I’m playing ‘round

With mere abstractions.

Answer: No!

I’m here…in Now.


If Now could be determined

By and on a clock,

It would be zer-o’clock.

Are you shocked?


When you get to be in the Now,

You’ll know what I am pointing to, 

Crowing about.


Till then, adieu,

Mrs, Ms. and Mister You.  

I will be here

Until I have no more to view

Or touch or smell or hear or do.

I Am Here…Now 10. 20.2018 Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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