Getting What You Deserve

Getting What You Deserve🤔
I get what I deserve –
No more no less,
The theory based on karma’s laws:
Cause/effect, effect and cause;
Then I can’t complain,
Protest or moan,
Law based on justice or,
The is that’s just all ways, all days
Which means always:
Pure maths.
Are chance and accident
Pure chance and accident?
It’s oh, so subtle to explain,
Subtler even to think through
Beyond the brain, the mind, IQ.
Then how to understand its girth?
For most of us it comes through faith
And observation keen and sharp.
No angels show up playing harp,
No cloud-filled message from above,
Just daily happenings which prove…
Using reasoning and watching
You can catch the train,
Catch the chain of things connecting,
Each affecting one the other.
Keep your nerve
All things serve.
Stay calm and peaceful,
Thinking that you always get what you deserve –
No more, no less.
Getting What You Deserve 10.20.2018 Revelations Big & Small; Nature In & Of Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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