Mister Moon Looking In The Window

Tonight’s a full moon so I thought I’d leave you with this, written in 2003.

Mister Moon Looking In The Window🌓🌔🌔🌕

Looking in the window,
Angle forty five degrees or so,
Minutes before midnight,
TV show still going strong,
I, inspired by his song –
Who woos from distances I cannot reach,
Who, tempting me with valley eyes and mountain nose,
River mouth, a face that shows
The whole of him for one sweet night;
A peachy ball,
An all that sees.

I’m watching and he’s watching
Yet there´s nothing he can give
Except the tides, the tears,
Moon madness´fears –
From where I sit
He looks a little lost in space,
That still, still face
Accepting clouds that shroud;
Black veils erasing, chasing,
Placing his enigma high-up
On the list where from and why.
The window´s creamy moonglow.
He and I, embracing from a sky
Unmoved, a courtship undeniably
Unheard in silence.

Mister Moon Looking In The Window 5.16.2003 Love Relationships; Circling Round Nature;

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