The Whole Of Sweden’s Going Vegan

This funny little phrase occurred to me today, and so I wrote…🤔✍️
The Whole Of Sweden’s Going Vegan
The whole of Sweden’s
Going vegan.
Not all, of course,
No one is forced.
There is no pressure. One’s impressed
By new and modern showcasing
That’s making killing
Who wants meat
Six times a week
When killing carne*
Is environmentally
Seriously, earnestly,
This is a plea
For empathy,
Nutritionally better, cheaper,
While the grim, grim reaper
Takes a rest –
Which seems to be the very best
For all concerned.
Going vegan may not be
Your cup of tea;
Not going vegan altogether
To become light as a feather
Not your choice – not either/or…
For eating veggies, nuts and sprouts
May help the world out,
Reinforce your body’a pride.
So this Brooklyn girl has tried
Fried burger made of sesame,
Other seeds and day old bread,
Rice, beans, egg, and mashed potato,
One tomato,
Salt and chili
To remind me
That my taste buds need some spice
For ham-less burger to taste nice.**
**(bad choice of word, sorry)
To remind you that, oh reader dear,
I’m not a vegan. But I steer
In that direction more and more
With meatless proxies at the store.
The Whole of Sweden’s Going Vegan 10.31.2018 A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Swedish Book;
* pronounced | ˌkɑːneɪ

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