Corruption Of The Heart

A bit schmaltz-illy didactic, but so what! It’s what occurred to me this morning and I worked many an hour on it – believe it or not.

   Corruption Of The Heart👿
There’ll always be 
Corruption of the heart.
The very best of movements,
(drives political or moral)
Have it, always will. 
Nothing saves the heart’s behaviour
When the insight and the inner will
Are out of sync.
The best intentions all contain misapprehensions.
Aims invested in the best of slogans –
Ideals righteous, mottos strong,  
Must  go wrong.
At least in part.
There’s always a corruption of the heart.
Look at yourself,
How tough it is to put
Your prejudices on a shelf.
Foods, books, what is good looks…
God knows, we’re stubborn, stiff, part-smart.
It is corruption of the heart.
Be on the watch and pay attention.
Dub it!  Catch it!  Advertising’s worst invention
Is to give corruption some nice name.
Shun it, if you’ve got the shame,
The strength, the virtue and the aim.
It’s in your heart,
It is in mine. 
Scrutiny’s the cure  benign;
Know it, name it at the start.
The illness, willingness: to terminate,
Eradicate, annihilate:
This damned corruption of the heart!
Corruption Of The Heart 11.5.2018 I Is Always, You Is We; Arlene Never Corwin

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