Wrinkles Are No Longer Sprinkles

Simply ridiculous…
Miraculous that I am not edentulous;
(Love it!  It means toothless!)
Not infamous, anonymous or famous.
I should be glad.
I should be grateful.
Instead I’m mad,
Refuse to take a photo.
(Which a short time back had never failed)
There’s no shade or shadow 
That sets off a face that’s lined as lace.
The race is lost.
The boat has sailed,
Wrinkles are no longer sprinkles
But embedded ruts.
No ands or buts…
I am no longer nuts
About a photo shoot, about a ‘take’,
Which at this point must try a ‘fake’
With photoshop –
Lopping here, cropping there,
Mopping hair that may look gauzy.
The whole darned process nauseating,
Meanwhile and instead, and ‘fore I’m dead,
I’ll purify myself creating
Verse like this,
              the vanity while drawing breath,
Keep the midriff small in girth
Walk the earth
                        in aging mirth
And struggle not to grouch
Too much.😇
Wrinkles Are No Longer Sprinkles 11.6.2018 Circling Round Aging; Circling Round Wrinkles: Arlene Nover Corwin

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