Just Another Day…(Or Not?)

Just Another Day…(Or Not?) 🎂


What more to ask for!

Oh yes!  Just to be alive

The day that I reach eighty-five!


I must admit

I ought to be a bit

More grateful.

Truth to tell,

I feel happy, peaceful, well!


Not just that, 

But loved by those

Who have the least and most

Part in my days.

A sample: propped up lazily

                                            in bed,

Eating scrambled eggs and toasty bread,

Coffee, honey…

Brought to me on wicker tray.

What a way to start the day!


So to you I’ve never seen

Except on Facebook’s sunny screen;

To friends who live both near and far,

Etcetera, etcetera…

Have a ‘Happy’ back to you!

Happy day and year you also!

Make each common day a hallowed!


In the end, and humbly,



Just Another Day 11.8.2018 Birthday Book; Arlene Never Corwin


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