Days After: Post Birthday

This is serious business, series stuff!  I hope it’s not too long to hold your attention. I don’t wish to try your patience.
        Days After: Post Birthday 📡✍️
Twenty-five past midnight,
Lights are down and so am I, 
Cat on bed
And Arlene headed
For a future not yet formed –
If formed not known. 
Have you taken note or, paid attention, 
That with birthday done,
The formal back to normal,
And you’re on your way
To twelve months later,
There is an ambience, 
A new and hopeful dance begun?
Life is the strangest:
After being wined and dined,
Celebrated, loved and praised,
I see, on TV news released
The little California town 
Where daughter Jennifer was born,
Burnt down! 
Paradise – its name now wrong,
Evacuated and destroyed,
Heaven turned to fiery hell.
Good, good Lord, I’m tearful-filled
With sadness;  
The madness
                     of cruel fate,
The date that I make eighty-four
Daughter’s birthplace is no more!
And other daughters, sons and pets:
As diabolical as life gets!
Dumbfounding, staggering, injurious to matter
With no soul-ution cearly chartered.
Days of celebrating
Must be taken
For though behaving cheerily and merrily,
One knows that lifestyles change within a minute:
Miinuet to ricochet, 
Swimsuit to a lawsuit –
Nature’s calm to warfare’s harm.
Friends, be serious, be kind,
Avoid illusions that seem lasting.
Is that asking
                      just too much?
Is the asking just unjust?
Friends, become unblind.
It’s all about two opened eyes,
Becoming wise by sizing up reality –
In all its lies.
Day After: Post Birthday 11.10.2018 Birthday Book; I Is Always You is We; Arlene Nover Corwin


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