Born Without The Empathy Gene

Born Without The Empathy Gene😔
Forests, buildings in all forms,
Serving every kind of need;
Pets and animals on farms,
Insects, birds of every breed,
Large four-legged wild things
Who can but walk and jump and spring:
In heated breathing pain!
Then there’s one I shall not name
Who blames the what…. the very victim!
Too inadequate to chat about.
Too awful when the world’s in shock.
Impossible to justify but not take stock of:
A commander of the hour and all that,
Condemning policies
Intended to save ALL that breathes.
Impossible to comprehend
That one who, closeup, sees an end
Can send out messages of blame…
If there’s a gene for empathy’s ability
To share the feelings of another;
Feelings of and for misfortunes
Other than beloved mother,
Then the pathos em- and sym-pathy seem absent
In a president
Of of such a land that needs no mention,
The intention not to put a voodoo
On you probably know who.
For I, a mini- no one
Filled with an em- and sym-
Down to my colon
Cry with all the torment and affliction,
Trauma and despair of all the beings there
Where nothing can be done.
Last urgent line:
Pray for everyone!.🧘‍♀️
Born Without The Empathy Gene 11.11.2018 Out Times, Our Culture II; Circling Round Nature II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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