Paradise Lost (Can’t Let It Go)😔🌈

Can’t let it go – not yet –

When bodies burnt

Are yet to be detected.

I, infected

By the sweat, the heat, 

The still existent rainless threat. 


Might that not be metaphor

For Milton’s fall of man?*

A stopgap setback: temporary,

Conflagration momentary:

Decrease following expansion. 


A balloon 

Must always pop

Out in and on itself,

It is the law; 

Fast or slow

(for things take time),

Regrowth following again.

A cycle starting,

Cycles that can never end,

The winds of time determining…


Since you and I live only now

(as far as we, the planetary

                   Lilliputians know)

It’s always now for us to care for;

Never certain of the future.


Most of us avoid the four pronged syllable;


Maybe time has shown up

To take them on our lips,

The ‘ups’

Beginning to be ‘downs’.


I don’t mean to make literal demands on the reader, but Paradis Lost was an epic poem by John Milton published in 1667.  It is a metaphor for the fall and rise/ again of man. (See Google)

Paradise Lost 11.14.2018 Nature Of & In Reality; Out Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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