Finding Out The Truth

Another one of those days on a roll.  Wait until you see the next poem coming up. I Like To Wash The Dishes.  

      Finding Out The Truth📚
         (the simplest of tips)
What else is there in vigour’s  plan?
What is the purpose and design?
To find out who you are,
And carry out the findings
(Near and far) because you care –
That’s all you have midst all around,
The ground of you, your guiding star.
So you search, release and gather;
Hopefully to reach a peace
Consistent, constant, rather 
Than the daily scurry of damned worry
That insists on taking lead, being your guide,
Giving the days a heaviness
That ought not be,
The outer world always a mess.
Worry dams and damns unquestionably, 
Clearly and Inevitably!
Find your tastes, your gifts, your wastes.
Stick to your guns
Yet giving in that extra ounce 
That makes you flexible,
Yes, humble.
Strangely, paradoxically,
Although you are one of a kind,
You are a part of mankind –
All the same except for name
And form and place:
Yes, yes, part of the human race. 
You are alone,
But can’t accomplish this alone.
(another puzzling contradiction).
Solitary in the bath, on toilet,
In components of your colon –
Yet, you cannot get
To truth and Truth (big T)
Without help from society.
Anyway, before this poem
Becomes a tome,
This poet leave you with a line:
Finding truth’s the whole shebang!
Finding Out The Truth 11.19.2018 Circling Round Reality; Nature in & Of Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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