I Like To Wash The Dishes

       I Like To Wash The Dishes😇

I haven’t got a family

Of five or six or twelve.

I like to dive and delve

into the soapy water,

Hands bacterially free and pure,

Warm and clean;

What others buy machines for,

I have got the time for.

i don’t mind the slime or

Plates, knives, forks

That leave the table veggie stuck,

Glasses filled with unknown yuck…


I used to mind

But then I found

That washing every dish by hand

Gives opportunity to bend the knees, 

Stand on toes,

Think in poetry or prose

(just like this here)

An opportunity to spread good cheer,

And possibility 

To see  things differently,

A different angle

Spurred on by some wash-dish angel.

Isn’t that bodacious!*

That is why 

I like to wash and dry

The daily dishes.

*bodacious; a kind of slang meaning simply terrific or wonderful!

I Like To Wash The Dishes 11.19.2018 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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