That Instead Of Why

That Instead Of Why🤔
(Gosh, I wish a Facebook entry had the possibility of italics. If it does, I can’t find it. Forgive me reader. You’ll just have to put the emphasis on what you will).
But do, do read it. It’s an indispensable concept.

THAT Instead of WHY✍️

It is an old Buddhistic view
(Or so I’ve read).
So, what I say is nothing new
(as I sit up in bed
Over life’s significance –
And it’s technique.
Life is the dance – a dance
Of ‘now’ and ‘change’, its ‘change’ in ‘now’,
The ever-now the ‘is’ of all;
The ‘always change’ the part that is
The core dynamic, a-romantic,*
‘Now’ being both force and static.
Think about it.

Life is ‘that’ instead of ‘why’.
There’s always ‘why’
But ‘why’ takes mental time away
From what is happening,
Is actual, transpiring, arising, being…
Why is downright tiring.

The moral is to not spend time in questioning,
But throw yourself into the acting,
Focussing on what’s in you
As world goes round,
As life flies by,
As outer problems grow and sigh.

Life is ‘that’ and what gives meaning,
Life is that which shows the way:
Yours, no other’s.
Therefore don’t be smothered by
Analysis. The truth will show
In every choice your mind gives voice to.

That is what your inner knows
In its capacity to grow.
An inner guide and light bulb glowing
In each juncture of the maze of days
You spend on terra’s firma: Praise
It all!

(‘a-‘ meaning the prefix not).

That Instead Of Why 11.3.2018 Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Reality; Arlene Never Corwin

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