To Those Who Feel Alone

In response to a TV insert on the feeling of remoteness and aloneness or, of someone who has lost a loved one.

           To Those Who Feel Alone🤔✍️

It is a philosophic truth – just is,

Everything that you experience

Everyone does too.

Everything you’ve undergone,

Everyone has also.

It’s only ever variations on a theme,

A transient beam

And only that.

Aloneness, sadness, longing;

You feel you are the only in the world: the wronged one, 

And you feel even more forlorn.

It is an ego’s ignorance,

A vanity and innocence.

If only you could learn this,

You’d become and stay harmonious.

You are distinct, particular,

Original, unique and yet,

You’re ordinary, general, one of the many…

Army of…  Don’t fret!  You are society,

The world.

A rosebud.

To Those Who Feel Alone 11.24.2018 I Is Always You Is We; Arlene Nover Corwin

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