A Death In Families (corrected typos)

I was intuitively drawn to record yesterdays passing of Kent’s beloved daughter Pia, 54.

A Death In Families
Many died December one, twenty eighteen:
Babies starved in Yemen.
A president, protesters, rioters,
Yet, and yet one death came nearer, dearer
Which we felt and feel
Longer, deeper, real-er
Than the global multitude.

It does, but shouldn’t.
Shouldn’t but it does.
So, one but throws
The end into the emptiness
Of universes’ possibilities:
Hopes, faith, wishes – and acceptance
To reduce the stress of sorrow,
Day’s tomorrow,
Back to normalcy as soon as tears can slow,
Never knowing what can be
For you, them, we
Without the warning of a morning.

There will be a time for mourning;
Funerals, a getting rid of overflows,
Clothes, what-not,
Things got throughout the years.
There will be time for letting tears,
Contemplating fears denied.

So on December two
Life will go on, plants grow, snow snow,
The Arctic melt in climate change,
Corruption, goodness interchange
With not a winner.
One will once again ignore
Aridity and wetnesses,
The multitude of witnesses,
Attempting as before
To focus on the battered Earth,
A bettered Self,
A more inclusive view of Death.

A Death In Families 12.2.2018 Birth, Death & In Between III; Arlene Nover Corwin

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