Never Out Of Season

Never Out Of Season* 😇🌈

Such a phrase!
What, just what is never that?
We’ll start:
Good wishes, beauty,
Appetising dishes,
Sweetly carried out: a duty
Carried through with loving care
Because it’s there
And just because…

What else in force?
Love, of course
Reinforced by ceaseless acts
Of kindness, generous in fact
And deed,
Not a hint of ego greed.

Countless actions,
Motivations, efforts
Making sport and adding play
Unto the day’s awakening
Until its sleep has taken you
To slumberland.

Never out of season:
Self-evolution: Christian
Or Confucian,
Or the distribution
Of the thousand doctrines
Of belief;
The thousand art forms in relief.

Such a seasoning!
The spice that adds deliciousness
To reasoning, behind which nothing’s won,
All good’s begun, is done,
And whereupon
All undertaking’s turned into a kind of fun.
Never out of season
Is all wish filled with compassion.

*phrase suggested by Robert Kowynia
Never Out Of Season 12.6.2018 Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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