A little off-the-wall thought perhaps, but a sincere response to today’s transience.

Who thinks of dignity!
In poetry
It’s usually
Outcries of sensation, passion,
Sentiment – its -ality.
Without the dignified nobility
Elevating inspiration’s stimulus.
One muses:
Muses on the concept of
How to express all the above
With gravitas.

One studies self, one cerebrates
(not to be mixed with celebrates).
One muses on the Muse involved,
The verse unsolved, idea too.

Muse of poetry: Erato, Calliope, Euterpe…
One asks them in.
Six of nine may stand aside,
Not yet the brides
Of poet’s art.
You never know what part they may
Portray one day
Within the art and artist.

One ought to coax and never scold
The young and old
With their devices of today
Which ‘get it out’ the speedy way –
To set their lightning on ‘delayed’,
Set their sights on permanence,
Put instagrams and facebooks
Into real books with real paper,
All else a modern caper –
Here today and gone tomorrow.

What you do and what you say
Should have a value in the morrow,
In its soul a dignity,
Worthy of esteem
In fortunes’s fullness of good time.

Dignity 12.8.2018 the Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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