A Christmas Greeting: You’re Never Alone

Dear anyone of any religion, any holiday – anytime during the year. For you.

A Christmas Greeting🎄🧘‍♀️⛄️
(Thoughts inspired by the fact of the many that are alone at Christmas.)

You’re Never Alone

I’ve written you are born, live, die alone:
A bubble, unit, oneness, monad.
On the toilet, in the bed, trillion atoms in your head
“United by their filaments to form a group.”*
Now I tell you otherwise.
Is what I said illusionized?
The truth of it
Sits in the multi-size
Of Word.

I’ve said we are a monad, one;
A simple entity such as an atom or a person.**

This being true on every level:
Biochemical, cerebral
We but grope, we hope, we soap ourselves
In suds of sorrow – isolated.

Whoosh, it’s but to alter view,
Idea’s perspective.
There’s a commonness t’ween me and you.
You’re capable of doing it,
Our minds determining what truth we see.

Accompanied by company
Or vague, irrational ‘aloneness in a crowd’;
Unseen or seen, silent, loud
It is our minds that form reality.

People care.
They’re there
Somewhere and everywhere
To touch your arm, take your despair,
Create endorphin, oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin:
Collectively the Happy Hormone***
Giving capability to, ‘Happy to be on your own’
Joined synapses, neurotransmitters
In a happy get together,
Body/soul a whole lot better!

*Botanical reference
** See Leibniz.
***proven fact.
A Christmas Greeting 12,9,2018 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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