Being Remembered #1&#2

Being Remembered ✍️🧘‍♀️📚#1

How would you like to be remembered?
Do you leave a name unblemished?
It seems to be today’s decor
That it is fame one’s going for:
Instant fame and more, more, more.

Life affirming while you’re living:
Your ambition:
Do you listen?
Does it have humility as spark?
Candidness, the best of trademarks?
Honesty, transparency?
A structure or a stricture?
Does the structure have self-knowledge
And the willingness to say “I’m wrong”?
A part of songs you wish to sow?

Bona fide fame comes slowly.
Doesn’t last if it comes fast.
Real work lurks in its background:
Lack of vanity to say you’re ‘so-so’
And indifference to fiasco.

But the trend is chasing marathons,
Traveling to distant lands,
Building ships on sinking sands
In lands where lava sleeps
And water ever creeps
Onto small isles that tremble.
Be remembered.

Be remembered
As the good go-getter for a better
World, the ground
Of future fertile worth
Whose girth is round.

Being Remembered 10. 9.2018 Our Times, Our Culture II;

Being Remembered🧘‍♀️✍️📚 #2

I wouldn’t mind being remembered;
Wouldn’t mind having an influence.
Must it be vanity?
It doesn’t feel ike vanity,
More like a sanity,
It being more a pyre to prepare a sharing,
Maybe teach ongoing insight
With its own ongoing fire
From the knowledge that I’m small,
Don’t know it all,
A pulse and impulse from within that shouts,
Will out,
Beat quietly in word,
Wanting somehow to be heard
When I myself have died all dead.

Being Remembered 12.14.2018 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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