Right Time, Right Place

Right Time, Right Place🧘‍♀️😇💡

Things come to fruition –
(At the) right time, right place.
You never have to be concerned
‘Bout what you’ve earned or lost,
All tossed into the law of karma.

For those to whom the word is strange,
Exotic, unfamiliar,
Karma is the principle
That all that is has cause;
And with this cause has an effect
Which outcome self becomes a cause…
And on and on…

Which leads us to hypothesize:
Each happening has had a cause,
Become a link in chains of laws.
Therefore, how can a happening
Belong to luck or chance,
A twist of fate, coincidence?
Which leads us further to deduce:
There are no accidents.
Not really.

I take solace in this theory:
Blame no one, no thing, and so on…
Having nothing else to go on
To explain with any sort of clarity
Happenings which mystify
Or cause us to put praise or blame
Onto a name,
We sparking our and other’s flame,
Which, if you get what I’ve been saying,
Starts another chain of karmic playing.

All we can do, is aim at lives the wise advise:
To maximise the happiness
Try to purify each cause we have
On others and ourselves.

Right Time, Right Place 12.18.2018 To The Child Mystic II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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