A Good Ethic

As is often the case, I found this idea on a scrap – started and unfinished some time ago. I’ve whittled it down to a simplistic piece called in a file Defiant Doggerel. A would-be collection one day.
A Good Ethic😇

We have to have leaders with ethics of principle;
High-minded leaders: – examples to all;
Who, rather than break their word
Would, if the circumstance calls for it,
Willing, would fall on predicament’s sword.

With lava and tidal waves, cracks in the earth
Hurricanes, heavy rains gnawing their teeth,
Present or pre-set
What’s needed to de-threat this chain of mortality
Right from the start is a change in morality
Right from the heart.

It doesn’t take much to decide not to cheat.
Leaders unreachable and unimpeachable –
Suddenly ‘peachable.
Leaders corruptible,
Promptly susceptible –
Leaders who grumble, who tweet and who bleat:
It doesn’t take much to make tsars obsolete.

No matter the creed
A principled ethic is all that we need.

A Good Ethic 1.5.2019 Defiant Doggerel; Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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