There Is A You Within The You

There Is A You Within The You 🎇

There s a you within the you.
Does it sound strange?
The you outside that’s full of change –
A constant you inside with range inclusive
Filled with living life suffused with
Consciousness: Unalterable, constant,
Entering each physical and mental portal,
Immaterial, immortal:
With a motive /free of motive.
Made of nothing that we know of.

How do you define a spirit
Sitting there and doing nothing?
How do you define an essence,
An awareness,
Always there, this always-thereness?
Of course there is the no-thing air-ness
To compare with –
Never felt but all around, no sound, unbounded;
Wound around your each and every bone,
Its function all its own.

There is a you within
That’s free of sin
That has a memory
Of an eternity
For it has always been.

There Is A You Within The You 1.6.2019 To The Child Mystic II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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