No People, No Things

There is part of a system of thought that says every time you dwell on the thought of people or things you lose sight of your self. It makes sense because thought, its being an ephemeral, comes in and goes on to another at the speed of lightening. Where is the you in that moment? A you that is essential, the you you want to find out about, go into at will and stay for longer than that lightening.

The habit of thinking about people and things disallows that, discourages that, waters down the ability. Result? One is spending hours of the day reaching out to an illusion, a passing evaluation, an ever changing object. Time wasted.

No People, No Things

A guarantee and rule of thumb
To the confused, depressed and numb:
Watch your thought and cancel out
The onslaught of intruding thought,
The babbling bout
That canters around things and people!
People, things: treacle-binding
Lust to rust –
First to last,
A dust to dust.
The biggest drug of all!

On the streets
Thought longs for treats,
Its base in things and people;
Gossip, impulse, points of view.
Where is the you?

Make a space encircling thought:
Fill it with an inner breath,
Take this knack for what its worth –
A hint to catch a glint
Of heaven’s state on earth:
See what goes on in your head: inside instead.

No People, No Things 2.11.1997/the whole renewed1.17.2019 To The Child Mystic II; Definitely Didactic; Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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